Blizzard Entertainment is set to launch “Diablo 3 Season 12 next month, and avid players of the popular Hack And Slash RPG can expect to see big changes in all of the game’s classes except one. So far, the upcoming improvements look very exciting.

The “Diablo 3” Season 12 will officially begin sometime in October, and gamers will be treated to a strong buff for all the classes. It is aimed to put the characters on par with the overpowering Necromancer class that was added last June. This could mostly be the biggest buff that fans will ever see in the game.

The need for balance

Back in June, Blizzard reintroduced the Necromancer class in the current installment of the Action Rpg series from “Diablo 2.” This class focuses on powering up the undead and making use of a variety of curses, golems, and other minions.

Players witnessed the new class as the most powerful so far, and other characters are trailing behind. That is why there is a need to change this gap in the all-new season of the game and keep things in balance.

Biggest buff ever

Because of this, the game developer revealed its plan to implement a new patch to bring all the classes a strong buff from Barbarians to the Crusaders excluding the Necromancer. The biggest buff applies to all the characters and their gear sets.

For example, the complete Doric Set of the Crusader will receive a damage bonus of 5,400 percent. It is noted to be a massive jump from the 50 percent buff it previously received in the game.

Season 12 gets more exciting

According to PC Games, Blizzard has yet to finalize the numbers, check things here and there to ensure an optimal balance.

Nevertheless, players can expect to see the changes in the incoming October patch.

It is expected to strengthen the classes, so much so that these characters will be able to match the power of Necromancer ultimately. Also, this next update will make Season 12 even more exciting for the big fans of “Diablo” games.

October patch on PTR

The new Season 12 start date is slated for October, and the new patch is on Public Test Realm (PTR). So, the studio is still expected to make some adjustments based on the feedback from the players who are part of the PTR.

From the looks of it, it is now clear that the addition of the overpowering Necromancer class upset the balance of other categories. This is why Blizzard sees the need to implement the biggest buff for all of the characters including their sets in “Diablo 3” before Season 12 begins.

"Diablo 3" was launched on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC platforms in May 2012. The game is now in its fifth year, and gamers have already been asking for the release of "Diablo 4."