Joshua Llorente is well known among "Overwatch" players as he's created some amazing maps inspired by the first-person shooter. Llorente is a self-taught 3D artist and he gained a lot of popularity in August when he released Favela map. This map is inspired by "Overwatch," and even though the map will probably never make it to the official game, the community was amazed by it.

Yesterday, the 3D artist released a video for another map inspired by the Blizzard game. This time, he released a teaser for Cairo map. The looks similar to Temple of Anubis, an "Overwatch" map which is also located in Egypt.

While fans still cannot see the entire fan-made map, it is expected that the creator will soon release a walkthrough video of it, just like he did for his Favela map.


Favela map is set in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and it was made using Unreal Engine 4, just like the other maps the 3D artist made. While the map looks like Rio de Janeiro, the creator made sure to adapt it for "Overwatch" as he made it a bit futuristic in some places. Players can also see the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer in the background as well.

The teaser video for this map has received over 125,000 views in just over a month. The creator later released a walkthrough video, showing more details of the map. While the second video wasn't as popular as the first one, it showed that the artist spent a lot of time on the project, adding many details to the map and giving it the "Overwatch" look and feel.


Yesterday, Joshua released a teaser for another map. This time, the map is located on another continent, in Africa, and it has the same name as the capital city of Egypt, Cairo. Interestingly, "Overwatch" already has a map located in Egypt, which is Temple of Anubis. While Temple of Anubis is used in quick play and competitive matches, there is one more "Overwatch" map located in this country.

This map is called Necropolis and is used in arcade modes only, such as a 3v3 lockout elimination.

The Cairo teaser first shows us the interior of a pyramid-like structure. There are a few statues of Anubis inside of it. We can then see an obelisk in the distance, followed by a scene that shows an object which looks like a payload in "Overwatch."

According to the creator, Cairo map is still a work in progress. However, there is no doubt that it will be very popular as the teaser video has received over 21,000 views in less than two days.