Microsoft is all set to ship its latest Xbox One X console in the markets. The gaming console is said to be the most powerful, even surpassing the Ps4 Pro in terms of performance and graphical quality. While the launch of the newer, more powerful system is an auspicious event for the company, Microsoft revealed that it would now stop selling the original Xbox One console that debuted in 2013.

What forced it to take such a decision?

Microsoft revealed that it has stopped retailing the original version of its current generation of the console in the United States.

This may mean that the console is still being sold in other countries. A UK store lists the device as sold out, which indicates that more stocks may come to fill the void in that market. However, in the US, Microsoft will now only sell the thinner Xbox One S and the impending Xbox One X to be released in November.

Microsoft may have decided to stop selling the Xbox One, as it does not make any sense for the company to retain the older console, which looked and felt outdated in every sense of the term. Especially since the Xbox One S has been launched in the market. This later product is much thinner than the last generation and comes with added features like the ability to play 4K Blu-ray discs and also stream 4K videos on sites such as Netflix and Amazon Video.

These added features meant that most Xbox buyers were now buying the Xbox One S and not the Xbox One.

What Xbox fans can look forward to

Removing the Xbox One from the market means that Microsoft is now promoting the Xbox One S as the entry level console, while the Xbox One X is being touted as the premium offering from the company.

Microsoft has already revealed just how powerful the latest addition is after it promised that players will be able to engage in 4K gameplay at 60fps in the Xbox One X system. Although the device is priced at a hefty $500, gamers will still line up to get their hands on the console.

Microsoft also reported that the pre-orders for the Xbox One X have been the strongest that the company has ever witnessed since it launched the Xbox gaming system.

So, there is no doubt that people all over the world are still buying the device, even though it is costlier than the PS4 Pro. However, one can no longer buy a new Xbox One standard console in the U.S. after the apparent discontinuation. Only time will tell if the next-gen Microsoft console is able to give stiff competition its rivals.