Last week, Microsoft released six new titles on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list. Now, it looks like they have another thing coming for September after they announced the "Battlefield 3" for Xbox One. According to recent reports, the offer is made sweeter by the fact that it is being offered for free until the last day of September. That said, Xbox Live Gold Members can take advantage of this new game before it's put on sale again.

According to the EXPRESS UK, "Battlefield 3" was previously released on the backwards compatibility feature but only to those who played it on the original disc.

Now, Microsoft has included the digital copy in order to have more players take advantage of it on the Xbox One console. This is the seventh title added in a span of two weeks since releasing "Virtual-On" in Japan and five more games in the U.S.

Previous backwards compatible titles

With the Xbox One X coming this November, Microsoft remains committed to releasing new titles for the backward compatible list. Last week, this included the titles "Monopoly Deal," "Undertow," "Super Contra," "Slender: The Arrival," and "Saints Row: The Third." Xbox continues to expand the list as long as game developers are willing to migrate their games to the new platform.

Last year, Microsoft shelved some non-moving games from the Xbox One backwards compatibility list.

According to Microsoft, these games did not attract a significant number of players, which resulted in their removal from the list of games. While voting for your favorite Xbox 360 games cannot guarantee migration to the Xbox One console, it is one of the determining factors whether a game will be a candidate or not.

Disc-based games

It's been almost two years since the BC feature was launched and some of the biggest titles on the list include "The BioShock Trilogy," "The Mass Effect Trilogy," "Red Dead Redemption," "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2," "Skate 3," and more. For those who missed the August entries, the titles include "Batman: Arkham Origins" (disc only), "Battlefield: Bad Company," "Deadliest Warrior: The Game," "Disney Bolt," and "Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of two."

Currently, there are over 400 games included in the feature with few games that are only accessible through disc. Just like "Battlefield 3," which was previously released on disc, there is also the possibility of previous disc-based games making it to the backwards compatible feature.