Square Enix has been trying to find ways to port the “Final Fantasy” games on various platforms. While most of them might have been released in the past, most games from the mainline series can be played on modern consoles and even mobile devices. The developers have even given these ports a visual update, like “FF6” on Android and iOS. In line with this, “FF9” was recently released on mobile devices last year, but it seems like Square Enix is expanding its availability on other consoles.

Coming to PS4?

According to Twinfinite, the Pan European Game Information board has rated the ninth game for the PS4.

This heavily implies that Square Enix has plans of porting the game over to the Sony console. This version might be the newly-released PC port, or possibly something even more. Unfortunately, Square Enix hadn’t shared any further information about “FF9” on the PS4, so fans will have to wait for now.

The game originally released back in 2000 on the PS1 and has since then been available on various consoles. “FF9” follows the story of a thief named Zidane who was tasked with kidnapping the princess, Garnet. After she joins him on his adventure, Zidane and his motley crew go on a quest to take down Queen Brahne of Alexandria and stop the ongoing war.

Other ports

Square Enix has other plans when it comes to ports, however, as they will be bringing over the “FF15to different platforms.

Firstly, the developers plan to release a mobile version of the game later this year that will contain ten episodes. While the said version will contain the same story and cast, the graphics have been downscaled to a chibi art style. Moreover, the battles have also been streamlined for mobile devices, making it easier for the casual audience to enjoy.

Square Enix will also finally be bringing the main version of the game over to PC early next year. This upgraded edition will support Nvidia technology for better graphics. Similarly, it will also support GeForce which allows players to capture their gameplay and share it with their friends.

That aside, Square Enix is also currently remaking the seventh game for the PS4.

They haven’t announced when they plan to launch it, but they claimed that the game will be in an episodic format. There will be a total of four episodes with a slight development delay between each release. Fans will just have to wait for more information regarding Square Enix’s future projects.