The “World Of Warcraft” is one of the most popular and successful RPGs. Even though the game is a bit old, it is still receiving tons of new content. One of the recent updates of the game is patch 7.3, which is also known as the Shadow of Argus update. The update features new content every week, giving every player a chance to finish every objective before the second wave of the update. Today, players will receive the new contents in the second week of Shadow of Argus update. It offers new zones, equipment, storylines and more.

Week 2 contents in the Shadow of Argus update

One of the highlights of week 2 in the Shadow of Argus update is the new zone. It is the Mac'Aree zone, which is the third zone on planet Argus. It offers new mounts that players will definitely like, such as the Maddened Chaosrunner, which can be obtained by killing a Wrangler Kavos and the Acid Blecher that can be dropped by Skreeg the Devourer. Players can also obtain the Lambent Mana Ray, which is a flying mount that can be obtained by killing a Venomtail Skyfin. Aside from the new mounts, players can also get tons of new pets in the new zone. New toys are also available in the Mac'Aree, which will give bonus stats and more style to the character.

The Mac'Aree will also give players the access to the second chapter of the storyline, which is the Dark Awakenings. New invasion points and greater invasion points are also included in the new zone. This will give players the opportunity to hunt new bosses for more powerful items. new profession quests are also included in the Mac'Aree.

More features to come in week 3

Players will be able to unlock the War of Light and Shadow chapter in the third week of Shadow of Argus update. Week 3 also includes the Kil'jaeden's Terrace World Quests and Western Mac'Aree World Quests. Due to this, players can expect that there will be a lot of activities in the future. Players can also augment their traits after completing the campaign in the Shadow of Argus.

Players will also have the access to the Seat of the Triumvirate Dungeon after finishing the Shadow of Argus. The dungeon features extremely powerful enemies. However, most of the enemies in the Seat of the Triumvirate Dungeon drop valuable items. Because of this, players should be well-equipped when entering the dungeon. It is also recommended to bring allies or join other players while hunting in the dungeon. More side mission in clans will also become available after finishing the campaign.