Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will kick off next week and Devil May Cry 5” is one of the plausible sequels of Capcom's popular franchises that might appear at this year’s biggest Asian gaming convention. Here’s what we know so far.

The Japanese video games show will be held from September 21 to September 24 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. Big game developers will attend the TGS 2017 and Capcom already confirmed the official list of video games for presentation during its own presser.

Capcom's TGS 2017 lineup

Among the company’s notable titles that will make an appearance at the incoming event is “Monster Hunter: World” and the soon-to-be released “Marvel vs.

Capcom: Infinite.”

The studio will also offer more details on the newly announced Resident Evil 7” Gold Edition, which contains the main game plus all of the previous DLC packs and the recently confirmed releases of free “Not a Hero” DLC and the paid “End of Zoe” content pack.

Moreover, the game developer will also tease other re-releases launching on new gaming platforms. Specifically, these include “Resident Evil 1 and 2” that will feature motion controls on Nintendo Switch and “Dead Rising 4” PS4 version, which will include all the past DLC packs plus a new game mode.

DmC 5 surprise announcement likely?

The highly speculated Devil May Cry 5 is not included in Capcom's official list for TG 2017.

However, it’s also typical for game developers to surprise fans with a big announcement of a secret title at huge events.

It’s anybody's guess whether the next installment of the DmC series will get an announcement at TGS 2017. But back at E3 2017, game designer Hideaki Itsuno dropped a hint on Twitter at a secret title he has been working on for sometime now.

He apologized for not announcing anything at E3 this year and went on to tell fans to wait for his project that’s certainly making some progress.

Many of the game enthusiasts speculate that this secret project is either the next DmC game or a new sequel to “Dragon’s Dogma." Notably, Itsuno is the man behind the three DmC titles and his original title “Dragon’s Dogma.”

Apparently, fans have been longing for "DmC 5" more than "Dragon's Dogma 2." It can be recalled that the fourth installment of the popular hack and slash game franchise was launched in 2008.

From the looks of it, it is high time that "Devil May Cry 5" should already be underway and ready for a big reveal anytime soon. So, stay tuned.