Niantic continues to work on improvements for “Pokemon Go, ” and the latest has to do with the game’s auto-selection of teams. The augmented reality company has quietly applied an update to address the annoying issue, offering a new formula to possibly improve the chances of capturing powerful Pokemon.

A tweak in the right direction.

Raid Battles have been the new craze among "Pokemon Go" fans though it has not been spared from issues. Prior to the update, teams would be assembled depending on certain stats of Pokemon.

According to Game Rant, the method of assembling the best teams would include the critters with high stamina and a reliable health pool.

While that seems plausible, the problem here is that there are certain pocket monsters which inadvertently get hooked.

The most notable one is Chansey. The Normal-Type Pokemon satisfies the stamina and health pool but apparently falters when the Raid Battles begin. The new update addresses that glitch, aiming to deliver a more optimal lineup when the auto-pick suggestions come to play.

Now, the new update will show Pokemon with a type advantage and better resistance that can perform better against a Raid boss. While it could finally address the glitch involving Chansey, it remains to be seen if the changes will truly get the best team assembled.

More work ahead for Niantic

The improvements are welcome but not expected to be perfect.

With so many pocket monsters with varying stats, there is a chance that the issue may shift to a new critter. Among the Pokemon who would get the nod include Magcargo who could fare better against legendary Pokemon like Entei.

Though the chances may improve, it could also mean bypassing other pocket monsters who can deal bigger damage to Raid bosses.

Vaporeon could be one of them, someone who could deal superior damage because of the Pokemon’s powerful attacks.

There are plenty of other pocket monsters to mention, and the quietly released patch may be one of much more to come. The good news is that the improvements continue for “Pokemon Go,” small steps that can hopefully lead to better gameplay among hooked augmented reality gamers.

Hopefully, the update will not add to the game woes of players who have been experiencing glitches. The patches are a good sign that Niantic remains on its feet as they try to cover the piling complaints from players.

For now, Raid Battles should offer something different – hopefully, something that would appease gamers who want better chances against the Legendary Pokemon. There is no telling which buggy features would be addressed next, though bigger tweaks are still coming with the game plagued with several more problems that need resolving.