Behaviour Interactive introduces a New Killer in the asymmetrical survival horror title “Dead by Daylight.” Following Michael Myers, the team announces a new killer named Leatherface. The terrifying slasher came from a family of cannibals. Like the equally popular title, “Friday the 13th: The Game,” the new killer wears a mask. Leatherface is included in the new DLC along with a new weapon and a list of abilities. Here is a rundown of the contents of the latest downloadable content in the game.


The new “Dead by DaylightLeatherface DLC is now available on Steam.

The release date for its console version, however, is not yet announced. The new killer in the asymmetrical survival horror title is equipped with a Chainsaw for its weapon, which is also popularly known as Bubba’s Chainsaw. In addition to the new weapon, Leatherface will arrive in the game with three major perks.

This includes the Barbecue and Chili Perk. With this ability, the killer after annihilating the Survivor and making it his Sacrifice will connect with The Entity. This enables him to temporarily see the auras of other remaining Survivors that are outside a particular range. In addition, this perk offers Bloodpoints for any scoring event as long as the Survivor is being sacrificed.

In addition to the Barbecue and Chili Perk is the Knockout Perk.

This ability enables the killer to launch a very damaging attack that a Survivor cannot handle. When this type of perk is used, the aura of the fallen survivor is so low it becomes invisible to other survivors outside of a particular range. Aside from this, the new killer is also equipped with the Franklin’s Demise Perk. This causes his attack to become so brutal that Survivors drop the items they are carrying.

Any items that are lost in the fog will be damaged and will lose some of their base charges.

Other details

The Leatherface DLC is now available on Steam and players can enjoy it for only $3.99. You can check out the trailer of the game’s latest slasher below. You can get a glimpse of what the killer looks like and see him in action.

Free to play weekend

Aside from the new downloadable content, interested gamers who would like to try the game can now enjoy it for free. Starting September 12 until September 17, the survival horror title can be played without charge on Steam. Those who decide to purchase “Dead by Daylight,” along with all the post-release contents will be available for 50 percent less than its original sale price.