"Okami" is one of those games that everyone, even people who never owned a console in their lives, should experience at-least once. It is a genuinely unique title, which offers a distinctive look into Japanese folklore. Centering around Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun, players control the white wolf Shiranui (a reincarnation of the goddess) as they try to rid the world of an evil curse.

Clover Studio originally released "Okami" on the PlayStation 2 and Wii consoles. It received fantastic reviews upon its release, even winning IGN's 2006 Game of the Year award.

Unfortunately, despite all of the acclaim, it sold quite poorly.

Eventually, an HD port of the game was made for the PlayStation 3, which brought the gorgeous hand drawn visuals to the modern era.

Current generation

Despite being one of the best-reviewed games of all-time, not all that many people have actually played "Okami." It is just one of those titles which never really appealed to a mainstream audience, while most gamers probably know about it but never actually tried it.

Therefore, we are a bit grateful to see Capcom once again bringing this underrated gem to modern consoles, with even a PC port in the works. This is fantastic news, and "Okami" has never been available to play on any Microsoft related product.

So far, it has only been confirmed that the port will be launched in Japan. Renamed "Okami: Zekkei", the action-adventure title will be available to purchase from December 21st. It will support 4K and brings back the mini-games which were absent from the PlayStation 3 version. As "Okami" was gorgeous from the very first second it appeared on screen, there is really not much which can be done other than improving the resolution.

Will we see a Western release?

At this point, Capcom has yet to say anything regarding a Western release for "Okami Hd." Considering that the PlayStation 3 HD port was made available on the PSN store, it is possible that a digital release will eventually be announced.

Afterall, the localization has already been completed, so it should not take too much time and resources to release it in the West.

A physical version is set to be released in Japan for all three platforms, but that might be wishful thinking for anyone in Europe or North America. Honestly, we just want the opportunity to replay this fantastic action-adventure game from the now debunked Clover Studios.

In Japan, it is selling for 2990 yen (plus tax), which comes out at around $28.