The Sims 4” console version will soon feature a new soundtrack in addition to what was included in the PC version. There are also some additions and other features which did not appear in the PC release.

SimGuruDuke revealed that the new version would have the PC music plus a few new tracks for the console release. The developers have not yet revealed the soundtrack and whether the PC version will feature a new music at this time. Hence, players have to wait for further announcements.

Things to know about the console version

An exclusive published in The Sims Community reported that several important things about "The Sims 4" console version were revealed during the Sims Camp 2017 trip that was sponsored by Electronic Arts (EA).

It revealed that the new console version does not support the gallery, live events, mods, in-game screen or video capture, and screenshot viewer. However, the console version has added more achievements or trophies, major PC game updates, and command line cheats. The game will also feature PS4 Share, XB1 DVR, and Trail and Pulse Navigation.

Main menu

“The Sims 4” console version features a main menu that is similar to its PC version. However, it contains a Load Game option with an Autosave feature.


The console version also features a user interface that is separated into two fields. Players can control these fields which are also applicable in Live Mode and Build Mode. To control this feature, Simmers can click the touchpad and switch between the two fields.

However, it may take a long time to move face parts and other details due to the sensitivity of the analog stick.

The library

In the new game, players cannot use the Gallery feature to share their creations. However, they can use the library feature to save all favorite Sims, Lots, and Rooms.

Conspiracy theories in the game

The Sims 4” also features some secrets behind its fun interactions and scenes.

According to the Sims VIP, the Sylvan Glade that features a specific tree in Willow Creek is a purgatory. When players go inside the tree, they can find themselves in an entirely different world.

Moreover, the members of the Landgraab family are said to be aliens who are controlling the government. Their family is famous and rich.

They even have a mansion in Oasis Springs, and their names are placed all over the businesses. Their house is also situated at Acquisition Butte surrounded by rocks and sands. The place is very similar to Area 51 where alien activities are hidden.

The Goths family in the Willow Creek, on the other hand, is another rich Sims family. They love classics, and their manner of living indicates that they are time travelers.