The console versions of “The Sims 4” for Xbox One and PS4 will soon be released on November 17, 2017. It will not only bring the Patio Stuff Pack and other amazing features, but it will also come with a free Holiday Celebration Pack and in-game cheats.

Free holiday pack to be released at launch

“The Sims 4” senior producer Michael Duke has revealed important details on his official Twitter account. He answered some question and confirmed that the console version of the game will be released with the free Holiday Celebration Pack.

The Holiday Celebration Pack allows Simmers to enjoy the holidays with festive decorations and a wide variety of interesting festive clothes.

It features colorful lights, garlands, snowman, snowflakes, festive tunes, and different kinds of presents. Moreover, the wardrobe items include new dresses, tuxedos, sweaters, Elf, Reindeer hat, and anything that is best for holiday attire.

In-game cheats will be allowed

Duke also revealed that “The Sims 4” for Xbox One and PS4 will support in-game cheats. Unlike other console games with limited cheats, the upcoming game will feature all cheats from its PC version. However, he clarified that many cheats will disable the trophies and achievements.

Since the trophy/achievement is disabled with in-game cheats. Players cannot use it to reach the maximum level in different Sims careers such as entertainer, painter, secret agent, tech guru, astronaut, criminal, and culinary career.

They need to work hard and pass different levels to achieve the peak of their chosen field.

Simmers cannot use the cheats to obtain any trophy, which can give Sims a better Playful aura. It includes the Buddy, Chef Gino, Gonk, Hopper, Dr. F, Jenny, Leaf, Lyndsay, Goth Boy, Zombie Carl, and a lot more. With this, “The Sims 4” players should use different ways such as digging up rocks for mysterious time capsules and using treasure maps to unlock the Dig for Treasure interaction on rocks.

PC vs. console versions

“The Sims 4” for Xbox One and PS4 will feature all contents of its PC version. However, it will offer some features that were lacking in the latest PC entry such as Swimming pools. Moreover, it features a new create-a-sim tool, a world of Newcrest, and more options for customization. It will also provide an in-game game hub that is incorporated into the consoles’ unique platform.

The Sims team will also be releasing new contents and updates periodically. Stay tuned for more “The Sims” updates!