The Sims 4 eco living-themed community Stuff pack finally gets an official pack icon after the survey concluded late last week. This is the final voting for the fan-created DLC, so fans can now sit back and wait for its official launch sometime next year.

In his newest blog at the game’s official forum, game producer Graham Nardone, who is popularly known on social media as SimGuruGraham, announced the winning pack icon for Eco Living stuff pack. He also revealed the voting results for the pack title that was done a week prior to the pack icon survey.

Winning pack icon

Nardone shared that this week’s final voting saw a tough competition between Washing Machine and Laundry Basket but ultimately, the Laundry Basket got the highest number of votes. The game producer mentioned that the icon will still be subject to final tweaks with the brand design agency, but it will look much like the icon from the fan survey.

Fans’ reaction to Laundry Basket

The winning Laundry Basket is now the official icon that will be put on the box art and in-game catalog. But it appears that fans funnily came up with a nickname for the Laundry Basket icon and they call it “cupcake” since it does resemble the delicious pastry.

Because of this, some of the fans commented that the Sims teams should tweak it a bit more.

The voting for this project already ended last Friday ,but in his blog, the game producer did encourage the simmers to still send their feedback and thoughts on the forum. He said the team will gladly accept fans’ great ideas and make the adjustments during the development process.

Official pack title

Moreover, the game producer also revealed the results of the survey for the name of the community stuff pack that was conducted from September 6 to September 8.

There were tens of thousands of “The Sims 4” players who participated in choosing the official title and majority of the votes went to Laundry Day.”

The pack title’s official voting results were in this order:

  1. Laundry Day
  2. Rustic Lifestyle
  3. Rustic Home
  4. Laundry

So, this means that the fan-created DLC is now officially called “The Sims 4: Laundry Day Stuff” from now on.

Release date

So far, Maxis has not set an official release date for Laundry Day Stuff, except that it is slated for a 2018 release window. However, the studio dropped a hint that this particular DLC is the 13th stuff pack of the game.

The 12th pack is the Toddler Stuff, which was launched in late August and that is why fans can no longer expect to receive a new stuff pack within the last few months of 2017. Now, it looks like "The Sims 4: Laundry Day Stuff" will be the first stuff pack offering from Maxis in 2018.