The bone crushingly difficult "Nioh" has proven to be one of the better games of the year and is scheduled to reach its conclusion on September 26. Team Ninja has confirmed that there is only one more DLC left for the hack-and-slash action-adventure title, and it is called "Bloodshed's End." Honestly, we cannot think of a title which better captures the spirit of "Nioh."

End of an era

Those who have had the pleasure to experience the gory beauty that is "Nioh" know that it is set in an alternate version of Japan's Sengoku period. "Bloodshed's End" is designed to bring this era to a close.

Following the events of the last DLC, "Defiant Honor," the siege on Osaka's Castle ended after peace talks broke out between the two parties. Although the war might have ended, the castle was left in a state of disarray. Due to its vulnerable state, this resulted in another uprising just a few months later. This new war is the setting for the final DLC and should bring to a close William's story.

'The Abyss'

As with every expansion pack, "Bloodshed's End" brings to the table an array of new main, sub, and twilight missions. An entirely new game mode is also being added called "The Abyss."

Team Ninja's creative director Tom Lee, whose post about the new DLC can be seen on the PlayStation blog, described this game mode as one which is designed to allow players to "test out their skills in a perpetual battleground."

The creative director decided not to give away too much information about the new game mode, other than it includes unique challenges.

The idea suggests something similar to "Devil May Cry's" "Bloody Palace" or something akin to a horde mode. Whatever it ends up being, we cannot wait to dive in and spill some demon blood.

A retrospective

This year, Sony has really knocked it out of the park, at-least in terms of console exclusives for the PlayStation 4. With games like "Horizon Zero Dawn" and "Persona 5" also debuting this year, "Nioh" was forgotten quicker than it probably would have been in any other recent year.

Unlike those two fantastic games, Team Ninja's action-adventure title is not quite as accessible to the average gamer. Inspired by "Dark Souls," its main selling points lies on the challenge provided by the gameplay. "Nioh" received great reviews upon its release and is currently the 40th highest rated PlayStation 4 game on Metacritic.

The final DLC will cost $9.99. Obviously, owners of the season pass will be able to download and install it without further payments.