The last four months of this year is going to be great for Pokemon enthusiasts! Even though “Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!” will not be in theaters until November, fans can already celebrate ahead by playing Pokemon Sun and Moon on their Nintendo 3DS.

Six variations of Pikachu, wearing Ash Ketchum’s hat, will be released starting September 19 until October 30 in Pokemon Sun & Moon. On 19 to 25, Pikachu will be wearing Ash’s original cap that we are familiar with from the series. September 26 to October 2, the Hoenn Cap will be on.

Producers of 'Pokemon Sun & Moon' aim to surprise the users with latest updates

October 3 to 9: Ash’s Sinnoh cap. 10 to 16: Unova Cap. 17 to 23: Kalos Cap. And lastly, Ash’s Alola cap will be released from October 24 to 30. Unfortunately, one player cannot acquire all versions. Only one can be secured with the use of a code on And when the release is complete, choose one look that best describes your view towards the famous franchise.

So, there you have it, six variations to last until October. And when November comes, we suggest fans to attend the screening on November 5 and 6. A lot of Pokemon fans will get the chance to receive a Pokemon Trading Card Game. The card will include a QR code that can be used to gain another variation of Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat.

An in-game event to be enjoyed by users

Aside from the game's latest updates and promotion, the company will also have an in-game event for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Thanks to the movies’ promotion and craze, the celebration will not end until November 17.

The 20th movie of the franchise will revolve around Pikachu and Ash’s first meeting.

Which is why distributing a set of Pikachu looks, seems perfect for the occasion.

Decades ago, the Pokemon culture started with Pikachu and Ash representing the whole franchise. In the new film, Pikachu will be joined by other Pokemon, but Misty and Brock will not be there. Still, there are some new trainers and legendary Pokemon to introduce, so make sure you won’t miss any of that this November.

The hats are inspired by the many versions of Ash Ketchum himself. And with Pikachu wearing it, makes a good picture representing the deep bond the two shares.

The “Pokemon Sun & Moon” release will go on for two months until the premiere of the film. It’s a 3-month Pokemon celebration before Christmas. Fans will surely have a lot of new updates to enjoy!