Bethesda announced a new upcoming game mode for “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition.” It is called the Survival mode, where players will have to face hunger and fatigue while trying to survive in harsh weathers. Aside from that, Bethesda also revealed a lot of challenging features that will make the game very difficult. However, it is definitely worth a try, especially for those who have already finished the game and is looking for a real challenge.

Features in the survival mode

The survival mode in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition” will offer three of the most popular features for the survival genre, which are hunger, thirst and harsh weathers.

The hunger will affect the character's stamina as well as its ability to wield different types of weapons. Due to this, players should always eat especially when trying to travel in different places of the game. Players will also have to cook foods in the survival mode as eating uncooked food will cause food poisoning. A well-fed character will also receive additional bonus stats. The fatigue will also have a huge role in the Survival mode as it affects the magika of the character.

Players should always sleep in an indoor bed to receive a well-rested bonus. Sleeping outside the fields or tents will not give any bonus stats to the character. There are also different types of harsh weathers that players can experience in the Survival mode.

First is the cold weather, where the character will receive a health reduction, as well as slow movement speed. The survival game mode will also remove the fast travel system. Due to this, players will have to walk or ride a horse when trying to reach a certain place.

The upcoming game mode will also feature freezing waters, which are very deadly as it will deal a lot of damage when the character swims on it.

The game mode will also disable health regeneration. The survival mode also changes the leveling system where the character must sleep in order to level up. The carry weight has also been reduced, making it more realistic and challenging. There is also a disease feature in the game mode, which can be acquired by eating uncooked foods.

In order to heal it, players should offer golds from shrines.

Release date of the survival mode

According to Bethesda, a free beta version of the Survival mode for PC is now available for one week. The company also said that the console version of the game will receive the game mode early next month. Some fans are mad as Bethesda will not release the full version of the mode for free. Due to this, players look for a mod that is similar to the Survival mode, which they can get for free.