Across no less than three decades and multiple videogame platforms, Nintendo’s iconic character Super Mario has thrilled gamers with his numerous and varied adventures. His latest epic outing, as what almost all Nintendo fans know, is the wide-sprawling “Super Mario Odyssey” for the still relatively new Switch console. But the Italian plumber in red and blue has also branched out from Nintendo exclusivity by becoming a star in mobile gaming. The endless-running game app “Super Mario Run” has received rave reviews and numerous downloads ever since debuting in iOS last year, and in Android last March.

Updates to the app’s features have come periodically, and as September ends, Nintendo prepares to introduce its biggest additions to “Super Mario Run” yet.

Enter Daisy

This coming September 29th, Nintendo will update “Super Mario Run” with the addition of a new gameplay feature, a new game world for players to run through, and a new character to select. Already the app allows gamers to run through obstacle-course adaptations of stages in the “Mario” franchise as Super Mario himself, his brother Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Toadette and Yoshi (who gets several color variations). Now they will be joined by Princess Daisy, Luigi’s love interest from Sarasaland.

The new gameplay mode for “Super Mario Run” is the “Remix 10.” Here, the game puts players through their paces on several randomly-generated custom levels.

The Apple App Store update describes Remix 10 as taking ten mini-sections of existing “Run” levels, and combining them into one full course. Every time a character goes through Remix 10, the level “slices” are chosen and assembled anew, making each attempt unique and challenging. Rewards earned while running and clearing Remix 10 include Rainbow Medals and various new items with which to decorate the Mushroom Kingdom game hub.

It is also where Princess Daisy is initially unlocked.

A whole new world and more

Super Mario Run” veterans who have gone through the game’s levels will especially enjoy Nintendo’s addition of a brand new world area called World Star. It has nine entirely new individual levels with snazzy new backgrounds and visuals, new enemies to evade without breaking stride, and gameplay mechanics.

World Star becomes available once players have completed the levels of all six current Worlds in the game.

Nintendo also has some minor tweaks to the general experience of playing “Super Mario Run.” Players can now switch between the game soundtrack and their own in-device music. Whenever custom music is selected, the characters will be depicted as wearing earphones while running. Furthermore, to celebrate the new game mode, World, and Princess Daisy joining the roster, Nintendo is halving the download price from the September 29th upgrade date to October 12th. If you have not started with “Super Mario Run,” this is a great chance to jump on the bandwagon.