"Mineko's Night Market" is a cute game being designed primarily for computers. With inspiration from the popular game "Animal Crossing," many people are excited to see what this game has to offer. We know that cats play a role in the game, but what else is there?

What do we know about the game?

While the game is still in development, we do know quite a few bits and pieces about the game. The game is set to release in late 2018. So far, the game will be released for PC and Mac, but the creators aren't sure what other platforms the game might be available on just yet.

As for the actual game, it is about a girl named Mineko. Mineko moves to a mysterious island that is full of mischievous cats. The cats can be grown and used to get hairballs in order to create different crafts. Mineko does most of her exploring and her crafting throughout the day in order to find and create things to sell at her market stall every night.

"Mineko's Night Market" includes a variety of different mini-games as well. You also have the option to shop in the town for unique items. The main premise of the game seems to be finding out what mysteries the town holds. Perhaps one mystery is to find out where all the cats came from.

What is there to do for gameplay?

"Mineko's Night Market" is very loosely based on the Nintendo game, "Animal Crossing." However, it seems that most of the inspiration came in the way of making the game look cute, not necessarily copying the style of gameplay.

While farming, crafting, and sellingis something you can do in "Mineko's Night Market," it's also something you can play the whole game without doing. This game was designed to be a game that focuses on the story and exploration of the world.

There are many fun features in the game as well. Obviously growing the cats is one.

Although the cats are primarily featured because they are cute, they do serve a purpose in creating crafts and offer historical value. After all, cats are highly revered creatures in many cultures.

Another similar feature to "Animal Crossing" is the way that the player interacts with the townspeople. There are different stages of friendship in the game.

It starts with talking and writing letters. Eventually the player can invite the townspeople out to do things and to hang out in general. We've seen this tactic used in "Animal Crossing," where the player must get to know the villagers living in town in order to gain approval from the citizens.

Although inspired by other games, "Mineko's Night Market" is definitely aimed to being its very own style of game. Of course, we won't know for sure until it's released next year.