Video Games are one of the best methods to help unwind after a long day at school, work, or anything stress related. Having the chance to feel like a god and destroy everything or perhaps slip into a less-complicated virtual life can really help ease the burden on a person’s mind. There are plenty of games from different genres that can help a person relax so you can choose which game specifically caters to you. Here are some of the best video games you can play to unwind after a long day.

‘Animal Crossing: New Leaf’

The “Animal Crossing” series has always been about starting a stress-free life and the principle is still the same for this 3DS game.

Here, players take control of their personal avatar who moves to a new town and becomes a mayor. You still have access to a fully-upgradeable house, but you can now have more options when it comes to customizing the town through a new feature called Public Works Projects. Aside from all the “government duties,” players can also shop for new clothes, unlock establishments like a dance club or salon, fish, go scuba diving, visit the towns of your friends and so much more.

‘Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town’

This version of “Harvest Moon” launched on the Gameboy Advance even spurred a sequel called “More Friends of Mineral Town” where the protagonist is a female. Similar to Animal Crossing, your player moves to a new town and settles on a farm.

However, there is work to be done, but nothing too mind boggling. You’re a farmer and tilling the fields while managing livestock is what you’ll be doing throughout the game to earn money. Between work, you can interact with the locals, participate in festivals, and even court someone and eventually get married. If you’re feeling a bit too sick of modern day living, you could always live off the land through “Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town.”

‘Sims 4’

The “Sims” series has become a solid hit in the gaming industry since it released for its concept of bringing your life to a literal virtual level.

You can create people known as Sims who live their day-to-day lives as most people do, be that through jobs or school. Alternatively, you can use in-game cheats to give your characters all the money they need until they die. While the game has a touch of realism to it, the main selling point is how you can decide how a Sim lives their life. You’re literally playing as a virtual god with no right or wrong way to play.