The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XV" will feature Hajime Tabata ruling out Episode Ardyn and the sequel not working properly on the Nintendo Switch console.

No 'FFXV' for the Switch?

Game director Hajime Tabata clarified that "Final Fantasy XV" will not work properly on the Nintendo Switch console anytime soon. Tabata told Dualshockers at PAX West 2017 that he and his team tested the sequel for the Switch using the Luminous Engine and the results were less than pleasing.

No further details were given at this point, but Tabata and his team are still looking for a way to make the Luminous game engine work properly on the Nintendo Switch in order to port "FFXV." The game director stated that negative results will not hinder them and will continue to test the game using different methods.

They also carried out tests on the Unity engine and Unreal Engine 4, noting that two game software worked properly on the Switch.

Square Enix will launch the sequel to the PC platform next year and it will run at 4K resolution with 60fps thanks to the new Luminous game engine and NVIDIA's tech. Tabata also teased that PC mods are possible in the game, but he and his team are a little worried that modders will likely use explicit content within the mod tools.

Episode Ardyn ruled out

Tabata announced during the "Final Fantasy" fan event at Cologne, Germany that he and his team are unsure if they will continue their plans on making an episodic story for "FFXV's" main villain, Ardyn Izunia.

"We're not sure as of yet how we'll do it though-it's a lot of story, and telling a character's story is always the most difficult and detailed part of the game," Tabata said.

Although the game director really wants to tell Ardyn's story to the gaming fans, the best possible option to tell his tale would be a new video game title, a movie, or even a comic series.

Ardyn was the most requested character to have a DLC story in the Square Enix survey, with the game's female lead Lunafreya Nox Fleuret coming in second.

The game publisher stated that they have plans for Luna in the sequel's future development and wanted her to be the top priority after Episode Ignis.

Tabata also teased that Gladiolus' little sister, Iris Amcita will be added into the sequel's online multiplayer content "Comrades.". The game director is planning to make a new video game title after "FFXV" next year and hopes to finish all of their content before they start working on the next project.