One of the best fighting games that were released in 2016 is “Street Fighter V.” The fighting title is still receiving updates and content to stay relevant and competitive. However, there are several criticisms thrown against the game. This includes the perception from several players that the title appears unfinished. Fans are now anticipating an announcement from the developer about the game in the Tokyo Game Show. Interestingly, an online retailer in the UK listed a “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” on its site.

Latest leak

A product listing for “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” appears online on the official website of the UK retailer ShopTo.

As shown in the listing, it seems that the Arcade Edition is the Game of the Year Edition of the base game. It features the DLC as well as the character packs.

The game’s Arcade Edition is scheduled to be released on January 16, 2018. Given the release window, it is still possible for Capcom to make several announcements about it. As of press time, the listing has been taken down on the retailer’s site. The iteration is available for purchase at £39.99.

Previous speculations

Earlier this year, there were several speculations that the popular fighting title is in the process of developing the game’s Super version.

Claims have stated that it will be revealed in the later part of 2017 and will be released in 2018. Capcom has previously released this kind of iteration in its fourth game installment way back in 2011.

For the past few months since the game was launched, Capcom has released a plethora of new content. This includes characters, stages, and modes.

It is reasonable to anticipate that the heavily speculated Arcade Edition would have these all compiled in one package. In addition, the fighting title is also being prepared now for its launch in the arcades in Japan in the future.

It will be great if the heavily speculated iteration will bring new and more players to the community.

With more content available now compared to its launch, fans are hoping that the latest leak is accurate. The game is initially a PlayStation 4 exclusive game and currently, it is playable on PC too.

While the “Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition” is anticipated to be revealed this year, it will never change the fact that it will not be released on the Xbox One platform. This was already confirmed by Capcom, and the game will maintain that for the duration of its lifespan in the gaming world.