Pixel Titans announced an upcoming Update for “Strafe.” It is called the Millennium Edition update, which will bring a lot of new content to the game. According to Pixel Titans, they said that the update was supposed to be released this month, but they are struggling with their current developers, and this has slowed down their current work progress. Nevertheless, players can now try the free version of the update. Pixel Titans also said that the free version of the game will help them to fix a lot of other issues as they are still in the development stage of the update.

New features in the Millennium Edition update

One of the main highlights in the upcoming Millennium Edition is the StrafeZone mode, which features daily challenges. In addition, there will be a SpeedZone mode where players can compete to be the fastest speedrunner for the whole week. The new update will also feature a very welcome save system, where players will be able to save their current runs with the use of Cryo Chambers. This will avoid any frustrating loss of progress when the players exit the game while in a middle of a run. It will also be very helpful while in the StrafeZone and SpeedZone modes. The Millennium Edition update will also bring 20 unlockable game modifiers. The update will also add 11 new rooms to ICARUS as well as three new enemies and the game will also receive a new traveling merchant.

Balance and fixes in the Millennium Edition update

The upcoming update will also fix a lot of issues in the game, such as the issue where weapons are automatically switching over when they run out of ammo. The update will also remove some unfair rooms in the ICARUS. Players can also expect more balanced enemies, especially when they are in aggressive mode.

It will also disable the ability to get multiple primaries with the use of clips.

The update will also bring massive changes to most weapons in the game. The bug where the Trappy Robot stays too long before teleporting will also be fixed. The Blood Bags will be easier to see and the issue where turrets stick together will also be repaired.

The bug where fires spawn too close to Keycards will also receive a fix. The upcoming update will also allow players to speed up the end credits. Pixel Titans also said the there will be more bug fixes and balancing to come before the release of the update. The company is also encouraging players to report the bugs that they encountered in the free version of the update.