"Pokemon Go" will be getting its first global event on Sept. 22 called the "Pokemon Go" Equinox event. This event, which ends on Oct.2, celebrates the Equinox with exciting offerings and features. It will take place in-game for both iOS and Android devices.

Players are aware that the summer has been dominated with Raid Battles and Legendary Pokemon. But with the Equinox event, things will go right back to the basics featuring many in-game bonuses.

The "Pokemon Go" Equinox event will give players the opportunity to earn double Stardust when they catch Pokemon and hatch eggs.

There are also special 2KM eggs that are capable of hatching the rare Pokémon Larvitar, Mareep and Chansey.

The Super Incubator

To hatch these eggs, there are also special item boxes which will contain Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and the Super Incubators. Players can hatch eggs more quickly than normal incubators using the Super Incubator. Aside from that, those who will register a new Pokemon to their Pokedex will triple their XP.

According to Pokemon Go Hub, the Super Incubator was already added to the games master file before the event. They were able to get some details of the item which will be available in event sale boxes. It also applies a 0.6666667 distance multiplier which results in 1.5x faster in hatching.

But this incubator will break after three usages

The Super Incubator can hatch 2KM eggs in just 1.3333 KM, 5 KM eggs in 3.3333 KM and 10KM eggs in just 6.6666 KM. As of now, there is no update about the cost of the item in the in-game shop.

Legendary Pokemon and Mewtwo

One thing that excites players about the game is the Legendary Pokemon that they could get.

This is the perfect time to go raiding so you can get Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, which are only appearing in Raid Battles. Niantic reminds its players that these three Legendary creatures will swap places on Sept. 30.

Some players are asking if they will get the chance of catching Mewtwo during the event. It is noted that news about the "Pokemon Go" Equinox event was released following the global invitation issued in groups for the new Mewtwo EX Raid.

This exclusive Mewtwo Raid Beta test is focused primarily in Europe especially on locations with gyms that are collaborating with Starbucks locations. The only non-sponsored Gym in the area is in Chester, the UK which is the location for the Heritage Event

The EX Raid testing will soon expand in sponsored locations in Asia and Europe. After that, it will be available in Gyms and PokeStops. For now, it is only available in the UK and some cities in US and Japan.