Splatoon 2” has a lot of creative ways to make sure that the fan base continues to support the game. Aside from periodically releasing things like extra weapons or new maps, one method Nintendo usually does is hold a “Splatfest” – a poll where fans choose sides and duke it out in the battlefield. The developers started the first "Splatfest" with Cake vs. Ice Cream before they released Mayonaise vs. Ketchup. Nintendo has recently held another "Splatfest" focusing on Invisibility vs. Flight, and the Results are finally in. Let's take a look at which team reigned victorious in the latest "Splatoon 2" competition?

Who won the "Splatfest"?

For the third competition in the game, Nintendo asked fans to choose which superpower they wanted: Flight or Invisibility. The squid rapper Pearl spearheaded Team Flight, while the sly Octoling DJ Marina was in charge of Team Invisibility. The "Splatfest" officially began on Sept. 2, starting at 9 PM PT/12 AM ET for a whole day. Players had to choose their side at the square, and they received a t-shirt for which superpower they were representing.

On the day of the event, players would duke it out against the opposite team in an attempt to earn wins for their respective superpower. The results are in, and Team Flight emerged the victor, as per GameSpot. While Invisibility was the more popular choice, Flight dominated in both solo and team battles.

Participating players were rewarded with a number of Super Sea Snails depending on both their "Splatfest" team and rank. It’s worth noting that this is the second time Pearl’s team won due to the number of wins. However, it was a close call in terms of popularity as 49 percent of players chose Flight, while the remaining 51 percent of fans picked Invisibility.

Food reigns in the Japan "Splatfest"

Moving on, Heavy.com reports that “Splatoon 2” players in Japan will be getting their personal "Splatfest." Instead of choosing a superpower, fans in that area will have to pick between McDonald’s fries or chicken nuggets. Funnily enough, this poll doesn’t deviate from the previous two food-related Splatfest themes.

For those unaware, fries and nuggets are both considered side orders in Japan. While chicken nuggets might act as a separate order in different regions, they’re basically counted as fries in Japan. Those in Japan can pick their sides in the square and prep for the upcoming battle this Sept. 9 at 3 PM JST. Like all "Splatfests," this competition will last for a full day. Nintendo has yet to share the themes for future "Splatfests," but they’re continuously adding new content to the game. Just recently, we’ve gotten a new map and some additional DLC items. Those who want to play “Splatoon 2” can buy a copy for the Nintendo Switch.

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