It looks like we have to start referring to him as a former plumber since Nintendo suggested that he has stopped working in that profession. Actually, it looks like he stopped being a plumber a long time ago.

In preparation for the highly anticipated "Super Mario Odyssey," the Japanese gaming company updated Mario's online biography, stating that he once worked as a plumber. This pretty much confirms that the Italian retired from the business a long time ago.


No, not really. Sure, it was always taken for granted that Mario is a plumber, not because we ever had any evidence of it since the hero was never shown doing any work associated with plumbing, but he does kind of dress like one.

The reason Nintendo gave him the job was due to his quests often sending him underground, so they just decided he worked as a plumber. Afterall, he needed to have something to do while not out saving Princess Peach from Bowser.

The company also revealed that in the character's first appearance, 1981's "Donkey Kong," he was considered a carpenter and not a plumber.


No other character in gaming is as instantly recognizable as Mario. With more than 35 years since his debut, Nintendo's character remains their definitive brand icon and we cannot see that changing anytime soon.

"Super Mario Bros" was the first console game to feature the former plumber as the hero, although an arcade game entitled "Mario Bros." was already released.

While other mascots like Sonic and Crash Bandicoot struggled to transition from one generation to the next, Mario remained an ever present force and his games continued to evolve with the times.

"Super Mario 64" showed that Nintendo was more than capable of transitioning from 2D to 3D, and it ended up being one of the games on the Nintendo 64.

Later games like "Super Mario Sunshine" and both "Galaxy" titles expanded upon the ideas present in "Super Mario 64," and "Super Mario Odyssey" seems to follow the same trend.

'Super Mario Odyssey'

Set to be released on the Nintendo Switch this October, "Super Mario Odyssey" might end up being the weirdest entry into the franchise.

Aesthetically, trailers showed a mix of real world graphics and the more cartoonish style associated with the character.

It will be an open world title, with exploration serving as an important part of the experience. New gameplay mechanics will also be introduced, including Mario being able to use his hat as a weapon.