"Destiny 2" has been making waves as of late, unseating other big game IPs such as “Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.” And while its fame has been rising, the game has been having some problems in the process with reported game crashes.

Last week, PlayStation 4 owners were reporting game crashes for “Destiny 2”. Bungie confirmed the issue and mentioned that they were currently coordinating with Sony to address the problem.

Game crashes not an isolated case

According to PlayStationlifestyle.net, the problems cover a variety of instances for the game. It seems that hiccups pop up in the cinematics, destinations, armor perks and other activities for "Destiny 2" which hints at plenty of work ahead.

According to the Bungie forums, the game crashes occur every three to four minutes. The problem has so far affected only Ps4 Pro owners and covers gamers who have the physical copy of the game. Some have tried to experiment to figure out the problem on their own. One even turned off the boost mode, but the alternative proved futile.

Is it a hardware issue?

Seeing how the problem with the game affects only the PS4 Pro, the crashes could be tied up to a hardware malfunction. Players even experience game freezes, forcing them to unplug their consoles and start once more.

There was one resolution that seemed to have worked. According to Cinema Blend, some players suggested using port forwarding to the PS4 Pro.

This can be done by modifying the settings on the cable modem or through the router administration.

Looking ahead, it looks like Bungie will end up rolling out a hotfix or patch to address the issue. And on that note, it remains to be seen if the same problems would persist for the Xbox One X and the PC.

The Xbox One X version is set to be launched in the fall while the PC version is due to come out next month.

If the issue is indeed a hardware problem, Xbox One X and PC owners could suffer the same problems too. There is no official word on when a patch will be released.

The current game crashing issue may be a disappointment, tarnishing the strong start of the sci-fi shooter game. According to Game Spot, "Destiny 2" has registered roughly 1.2 million concurrent users last Sept.

10 for both the PS4 and Xbox One.

With monstrous gamers logging on, "Destiny 2" game servers have experienced their expected share of issues. To keep the servers up and running, server queues were introduced by Bungie which explains why some gamers are kept in waiting. The numbers are expected to swell once the other game versions (Xbox One X and PC) are officially rolled out.