In the face of many trainers' lack of knowledge about how most of the creatures interact with the ''Pokémon Go'' app, Niantic decided to provide a system with which the chosen application would choose the Pokémon opted to fight the incursion bosses. However, players have recently reported a bug that affected that initiative.

The primary objective of the Raids is to perform the highest damage per second to the boss of the same. To do this, players choose at the beginning who they believe is their most powerful Pokémon. The more the battle progresses and the greater the loss, the fight becomes more complicated.

The bug affected the most critical moment of the raid: selecting the right Pokémon to defeat the boss.

If the choice is not made correctly, it might not be possible to maximize damage per second, making victory impossible. The selection method introduced by Niantic was not always successful in the election, selecting creatures like Chansey or Blissey. The new settings added by the developer mainly affect this issue. Now, the automatic choice bets on the Pokémon that offer some resistance to the leader of the raid.

Here is everything we know right now concerning the new changes in the “Pokémon GO” app, and the new features coming for the rural players worldwide.

Niantic solutions still missing

However, despite Niantic's efforts to resolve this, the failures continue.

The automatic method proceeds without taking into account neither the level nor the specific attacks of the chosen Pokémon. This situation complicates the task for the coaches, who are still forced to make changes in their team before diving into the fight against a raid boss.

Additional information

With these settings, Niantic continues to improve ''Pokémon Go'' and working for its smooth operation.

A few days ago, Niantic's developers dealt with a bug regarding the launch curveball as well as undertook the war against hackers. Besides, the company has recently made changes to the hatching of eggs and has announced the arrival of numerous events in the Safari area.

It is worth mentioning that, at a recent event in California, Ingress agents announced the reopening of the Portal submissions.

It was not revealed the date for this feature, but they said Niantic would reopen portal submissions very soon.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.