Back when the Nintendo Switch first teased its “coming out party,” it showed footage of Skyrim as one of the games that are coming to it, along with other games like Nintendo-exclusive Zelda—an open-world Zelda—among others.

Recently, at the PAX West 2017, Nintendo showed off what their latest console can do with a working demonstration of “Skyrim” on the handheld-hybrid device. I am not saying that it exceeds expectations, but the opportunity of taking an open-world RPG like this on the go is too good to just pass up.

Not just Skyrim but -

Aside from “Skyrim,” Nintendo appears intent on maximizing all that it can with the deal it made with developer Bethesda Softworks.

Bethesda is known for its excellent open-world RPG, and “Skyrim” was the toast of the town—and still is—before another equally great game, “Fallout 4,” came into the picture. With its settlement building and other gameplay enhancements—weapons creation being one of them—the game quickly became what “Skyrim” was before it, a player’s favorite.

Rumors have been circulating that the game will be next to arrive ported out to Nintendo Switch. The rumors point toward a leaked listing which presented the game as listed for the Switch on a foreign website. As with any other rumors, however, take it with a grain of salt. As the holiday shopping season looms, more leaks of this nature, which are false more often than they are true, also happens by the minute.

The Switch Manages at PAX West

To be fair, there is a lot left to be desired with Nintendo’s latest console and it’s a wonder how anyone could have managed to cram “Skyrim” into such a small package.

The game was the least of any takeaways from the annual gaming convention. As always, ”Overwatch” ruled the day with its cosplayers and dedicated gamers.

Of course, “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” also makes quite a big noise as well as many new releases. “Ashes of Creation” is one such promising release as well as others expected to catch up in time for the holiday shopping season.

Gameplay on the Switch had its own faults—breaking is one such weakness that the console had to endure.

However, it looks like “Skyrim” on the go will quickly become one of the biggest listings on anyone’s Christmas wish list this season, as well as the Amiibos that are reported to be arriving in time for the game’s release.

Players might just be taking “Skyrim” along to work when this year’s holidays roll around.