The latest updates for "God Of War" PS4 brought more details about magic, runes, and Side quests in the sequel and a possible June 2018 release date.

New game features

Game director Cory Balrog shared new game details for "God of War" during the PlayStation Podcast as the Santa Monica Studio showcased new concept artwork that revealed clues about the magic and dialects of the ancient Norse Mythology. Elder Futhark will be the base language in the game, but the studio teased that every realm has its own dialect and translating these inscriptions may open new paths, magic runes, or side quests.

The dialect can also lead to players unlocking new magic attacks and items for Kratos to use on his journey. Balrog revealed that one of these new magic attacks is called "Earthy," and is a type of spell that involves touching the ground and invoking ancient powers to assist Kratos in battle.

The ancient language will also play an important role in the sequel's main plot when it comes to understanding the culture and traditions of the Norse realms. Kratos and his son, Atreus can learn different languages to assist them in using magic and making important decisions during the course of the story.

Balrog announced that "God of War" will have a unique player choice system that will determine the flow of the story and each choice will affect Kratos' relationship with Atreus.

There are also changes in the combat system as Sony's marketing vice president Asad Qizilbash claimed that it will the sequel the most violent and brutal game in the "God of War" franchise.

A June 2018 release date?

Amazon posted the Digital Deluxe Edition of "God of War" and it is scheduled to launch on June 30, 2018. This led to gaming fans speculating that the new sequel will launch in June next year, but they need to keep in mind that date is simply a placeholder on the website and it can be subject to changes.

Sony and Santa Monica Studio have not yet made any announcement regarding the game's official release date and the legitimacy of the deluxe edition. One thing is for sure and that is how much gaming fans are looking forward to "God of War" next year for the PlayStation 4.

The sequel will offer a unique "father and son" combat system that will see Atreus aiding his father against Norse monsters, using specialized arrows and stealth kills.

Atreus will grow as a person during their journey as Kratos guides him in the right direction.

Players will no longer have to fight a swarm of enemies in a single area as the changes in the combat system will offer one-on-one or one-on-two fights.