A listing of Fallout 4” Game of the Year Edition for Nintendo Switch recently surfaced online. The listing earned various speculations from the community since it was earlier reported that “Skyrim” will be released in the hybrid console. Interestingly, the retailer even listed that the game will be released on in the later part of this month.

Latest leak

“Fallout 4” Game of the Year Edition recently appeared in an unexpected location with complete with platform and release date. The game’s listing was spotted on a website of a Spanish retailer, El Corte Inglés.

The retailer has listed the game under the Nintendo Switch category. Interestingly, the game’s version will be released in the hybrid console in both Nintendo and on-the-go format.

Previously, the retailer has listed the price of the game and its release date. However, if you visit the website now, it appears that these details are no longer available. What is more interesting is that the listing was not taken down entirely. The removal of the product information is intriguing considering that the listing has already attracted attention from the gaming community. It could be possible that the listing might have been filed in the wrong platform. However, with the recent alteration in the posting, fans are speculating that there might be a possibility that the game will release on Nintendo Switch.

Listing slip-ups often happen in the gaming community. While most of them are not true, there are those that are really accurate. It is worth noting that last month, retailers have leaked Telltale Games Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy for the Nintendo Switch. While there was no official confirmation for a long time, the game developer came out last week and delivered the confirmation.

Other details

The community has a divided opinion about the latest listing of the game. While some are excited that they game would be finally available in the hybrid console, others are still not convinced.

Some point out that usually, listing slip-ups has a release date that is too soon. This means that Bethesda will have no more time to confirm whether the game is really releasing on the console or not.

For players who would like to take a chance and avail of this offer, they can still check out the website. However, the pre-order button is now grayed and is replaced with a not available sign. Currently, Bethesda has not yet given any comment about the retailer’s listing. “Fallout 4” Game of the Year Edition according to the listing will be available in Nintendo Switch and will be released on September 26, 2017.