Last week, Psyonix announced an exciting Autumn update for the vehicular soccer video game "Rocket League." While fans and players have to wait for a release date to be announced by the studio, Psyonix has been making slight changes to the game, taking it back to its roots.

In fact, the studio announced last week that the upcoming Autumn update will remove non-standard maps from the game. But those aren't the only changes coming to the game. Kotaku reported that in the last two weeks, Psyonix already phased out "erratic terrain" and replaced it with regular, flat playing fields.

Gone are the areas with hills and odd slopes, and angles. Of course, these will still be available to players in private and offline matches. But Psyonix's creative director Corey Davis explained to Kotaku that they didn't believe in the "different layouts" they experimented with. On the contrary, the team over at Psyonix believed that the game shares, even more, similarities "with traditional sports where standards give players and teams the consistency they need to truly master things."

Psyonix applies changes to cars

In "Rocket League," it's not just the fields that are heading back to their roots, but the cars as well. Kotaku reported that after a recent patch was added to the game, cars were noticeably different in terms of handling.

Corey Davis clarified, however, that some changes, including that on the Batmobile, was in fact unintentional. Nonetheless, the patch aimed to provide "consistency" among the most popular vehicles in the game, which include the Batmobile, Mantis, and Twinmill.

Corey Davis reassures fans about changes

While "Rocket League" fans might be worried that some major changes are set to come to their favorite cars in the Autumn update, Corey Davis reassures them that they are not interested in "trying to take away any of that unique flavor." Instead, they just want to urge fans to take notice of the cars that aren't being used as often as the others.

Community gives back

In other news, the Minor League Doubles community, which is a "Rocket League" community of players, are lending a hand to Hurricane Harvey victims by holding a charity drive for the American Red Cross Texas Disaster Relief Fund. According to Dualshockers, the community will hold the charity drive during the regularly broadcasted stream through the Twitch channel, which will happen this week on Sunday, September 3 from 9 p.m. to 12 midnight. The community is also selling a new shirt which proceeds will support those who were affected by Harvey.