Resident Evil 7” shocked its fans by returning to its horror roots when it launched earlier this year. Instead of following its action-packed predecessors, the title goes for a slower, more terrifying approach with its atmospheric horror. Both critics and fans alike have praised Capcom for listening to what they wanted, and now it seems like the developers might continue down this path for future installments. Those who are looking to buy the game and want to experience all of its additional content are in luck as Capcom will be releasing a Gold Edition for the game later this year.

Horror returns to consoles

The developer had previously shared some info about the “Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition” in Japan. Lucky, fans abroad didn’t have to wait too long for the game coming to the West as Capcom has shared all the details about the upcoming version. Gematsu has shared that this version will be available both physically and digitally on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The updated version will arrive this December 12 for both North America and Europe.

The Gold Edition contains all the previously released DLC, along with the final two additional content. The previously announced “Not A Hero” DLC will come with the updated version and follows Chris Redfield after the events of the main game.

Chris will face threats that weren’t in the original game and will seemingly take up a mission in a plantation.

Meanwhile, the developers have also shared the new DLC called “End of Zoe” which also takes place after the main game. Here, you play as Zoe and learn about what happens after Ethan escapes the dreaded house.Fans will also encounter new enemies and locations, so that’s something to look forward to.

If you’re not planning on buying the Gold Edition, you can still purchase both DLC separately for $14.99 each. Both titles also support VR for a more horrifying experience.

Revelations on Switch

In other news, Capcom has also shared that “Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2” will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch this November 28.

The games will come in a physical bundle or can be bought separately. They will also support Joy-Con configuration, and fans can use the right Joy-Con to do things like reloading or aim, while the left Joy-Con is used to shake off enemies after they’ve grabbed you. This version also includes both online and local multiplayer so that you can enjoy the horror with friends.

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