The 'Borderlands' video game franchise is well known and many fans of the series are still present across the globe. While the first game in this series did show promise, it was the sequel, 'Borderlands 2,' that really increased the popularity of the franchise as a whole. The studio behind the games, Gearbox, has also garnered worldwide fame for having worked on these games. However, 'Borderlands 2' was released in 2012 and since then there has been no word on the next game in the series. In a recent interview though, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford strongly hinted that his team is now working on a supposed 'Borderlands 3.'

What did Pitchford say?

In an interview with DualShockers, Pitchford claimed that 90 percent of the staff employed at Gearbox was currently working on a title that fans wanted.

He did not call out the project as 'Borderlands 3,' but considering that the developers are especially known for the franchise, and the growing demand for the next game, it is highly likely that the studio is completely focused on developing the 'Borderlands 3' game.

This statement though does not confirm that the title Pitchford was talking about was indeed 'Borderlands 3.' Gearbox is no longer just a developer but is also a publisher now. So, the company may be being vague intentionally so that it does not reveal the name of the game before it is shown off. Game publishers are known to follow the rule that until a game is announced, that game does not exist. So, Gearbox may be taking this same route.

What is known about 'Borderlands 3'?

At PAX East 2016, Pitchford had claimed that the studio was working on the next 'Borderlands' game, but revealed that the title may not essentially be called 'Borderlands 3'. At that time, Pitchford did not have an official name for the game, but his hints revealed that the upcoming title may not be what most fans were hoping it to be.

Scott Kester, who was in charge of the art for 'Battleborn' will be working as the art designer for the upcoming 'Borderlands' game. He also acted as the Art director for the second game in the series. 'Borderlands' is mainly known for its unique art style and design. So, it is no wonder that the company is trying to retain the same concept as the last time.

Mikey Neumann, the chief creative content creator for Gearbox will also be writing the story for the impending title. Previously, he penned the stories for the 'Brothers in Arms' games and also created the story for the first 'Borderlands' title.