Rockstar Games is teasing the fans of the much-awaited title “Red Dead Redemption 2” with another cryptic message today. It seems that the game developer has prepared something big for its fan base to look forward to next week.

The last official piece of information from Rockstar Games was released in May of this year. The announcement disappointed many fans as it revealed the delayed release of the game from 2017 to Spring of 2018. To compensate, the developer released several screenshots that fans looked over and interpreted in many ways. The upcoming announcement could more than likely involve releasing the Second trailer for the highly anticipated second game installment.

New announcement

On the official Twitter account of the game developer Rockstar Games, there is a cryptic message for fans to decipher using their imagination. The post has a red background with text stating a specific time and date. The logo and the official website of the developer are also found in the bottom part of the post. No additional information is revealed in the tweet except that it resembles the marketing materials for “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

The post was picked up by several gaming sites which routinely relay information to the gaming community. In response, several fans came up with some speculations.

One of the heavily speculated claims is the possibility of a release of the second trailer of “RDR2.” Most likely the announcement will not be bad news. Rockstar would not use a teaser if their announcement involves something that leads to another delay in the release date of the game.

Other details

The announcement will happen at 11:00 AM Eastern Time or 8:00 AM Pacific Time on September 28.

The first trailer for the highly anticipated title featured stunning scenes of beautiful landscapes. It didn't reveal much about what the game could be about. Fans are hoping that if it is indeed the second trailer, and hope that details about the gameplay could somehow be shown. Others would like to see even just the cinematic trailer that stars the characters.

Release details

Currently, there is no definite release window for the much-hyped comeback of the America’s outlaw west game. The only date given by Rockstar Games is Spring 2018. Fans are hoping that it will be as early as March 31. The game will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can check out the first trailer released for “Red Dead Redemption 2” below.