Bandai Namco Entertainment has rolled out a new update that introduces a slew of character balancing changes to its popular fighting title,Tekken 7.” The Patch 1.07 is available now for download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

This new update for “Tekken 7” aims to address a host of balancing issues in many of the game characters. The improvement is implemented to various fighters across all game modes with tons of fixes. So, this is definitely a piece of Good News for online matches in the online-focused video game.

Move set adjustments

Among the notable changes is the move set adjustments for Hwoarang.

The latest patch modifies the Rage Drive mode so that that rage meter is spent on the third attack and not on the second. In addition, it also fixes an issue in Human Cannonball where there are times when the character cannot catch an opponent after he slides.

As for character Xiaoyu, the enemies now get knocked back a shorter distance when blocking this move during Phoenix. Also, the opponent’s hit turns to an aerial hit when it lands while guarding.

Fans can view the full details of the patch notes at Tekken Europe’s official website.

Producer talks lag removal

In more news, game producer and director Katsuhiro Harada talked about the removal of lags in a fighting game. In his recent interview with Gamasutra, he shared how his team has to endure the struggle involved in addressing the lag issues for a seamless game experience.

Apparently, the technology, the hardware as well as the internet have evolved very quickly over time and these external changes are huge factors that contributed further to the delay. In his own words, he said, “A lot of people don’t realize this and become obsessed with a fixed number in itself.”

He added that it is basically the reason why the franchise began to remove the 8-frame moves 10 years ago and include other adjustments in the game system.

This way, the architecture is less affected by the lag, which couldn’t be avoided all the time.

Contributing factors

Apparently, there are a number of contributing factors to the lag problems such as network used, the time required to render the graphics, the monitor, and other processing attributes as well. So, the studio started to augment the frame-rate for the game to slow down the punches and players will have more time to react.

At the moment, the current “Tekken” title takes 10 frames and according to Harada, the lag reduction is constrained to a specific limit. However, he also said the team is working hard to deliver an improved and smoother experience in playing “Tekken 7.”