PlayerUnknown's Battleground’’ is one of the most successful Early Access titles ever released in the gaming world. However, it appears that there is still a lot of work to be done before its highly anticipated official release. This is despite the massive update that Bluehole rolled out to the popular battle royale title earlier this month.

The game’s creative director brendan Greene reveals the team’s future plans for the game. This includes a potential tribute to Father Ted. There is also a plan about adding a single-player mode but it will not be available anytime soon.

Greene also shares that they are working on Ranked Play and a progression system that will be introduced in the game soon.

Ranked Play and other progression systems

Brendan Greene has recently done the popular Ask-Me-Anything on Reddit. There are numerous things that players asked the creative director of ‘‘PlayerUnknown's Battleground.’’ However, the highlights of the activity touch on topics about the upcoming features and improvements that will be introduced in the game.

This includes ranked play and progression systems. Greene confirmed that the team is looking into infusing ranked mode into the popular battle royale title. While there are no additional details revealed about the mode, the confirmation alone pleased the fans.

He also discussed adding other progression systems to maintain players’ engagement with the game. This includes a weapon skill system and a character leveling system. Apparently, these new systems will not affect the current gameplay.

Gameplay mechanics, performance, and eSports

The creative director also shared that there will be changes to the Blue Zone system.

This will be made to make a fair implementation of the game’s penetration systems. There is also a new shadow system in the game that is now forced as it had a very minimal effect in the past in terms of performance.

He revealed that the game is still CPU limited, which affects the higher specs more than the lower specs systems.

Greene acknowledged that the team still needs to do more things in terms of optimization and assured fans that they are committed to the task.

In addition, the creative director recognized the logistical struggles of getting more than 80 PCs together for an eSports event. However, he made it clear that they have a dedicated team already working with organizers, teams, and organizations to come up with the best way to conduct an eSport for a battle royale title.

Father Ted

Greene also revealed his plans on a “Father Ted” tribute. For those unaware, it is an Irish sitcom that gave the game’s awkward acronym popularly known as PUB Geeeee. ‘’PlayerUnknown's Battleground’’ is currently on Steam. It is available as an Early Access game.