Epic Games released the full patch notes for the upcoming 1.6.3 Update on “Fortnite.” The patch notes reveal tons of changes and new features in the game. One of the main highlights of the 1.6.3 update is the Battle Royale mode, which was previously announced as a “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds”-like game mode. Epic Games also seem unaffected despite “PUBG” developer Bluehole's statement that they are not happy about “Fortnite Battle Royale” as it has too many similarities to “PUBG.”

New features in 1.6.3 update

According to Epic Games, the Batte Royale is included in the upcoming update.

It will feature squad battles, where players should work together and fight other groups. The whole squad can also place markers on the map, which will be very useful when trying to regroup after scavenging for supplies. The squad battles will also allow players to create bases much faster. Aside from the Battle Royale, the update will also bring a lot of improvements in the game. First are the improvements on skydiving and paragliding, where players will have the ability to slow it down while moving backwards. The update will also reduce falling damage.

The update will also disable foot dust or footprints when a player is crouching. GameSpot mentioned that there are also three new weapons that are included in the upcoming update, such as the Scoped Assault Rifle, Zapotron, and the Tactical Submachine Gun.

The patch notes also revealed tons of weapon changes and improvements. There will also be a minimap in the game, which will be very convenient when trying to find a good spot to camp. The update will also bring some UI changes for a much better navigation.

Bug fixes in the upcoming update

There are a lot of bug fixes that were featured in the full patch notes.

First is the fix in some text issues in the game. The reticle that appears while skydiving will also get fixed. The upcoming update will also fix some issues in the visualization of the game. The issue where players cannot access the in-game menu while waiting in the Battle Bus will also get fixed.

The 1.6.3 update will also fix a lot of crashing issues in the game.

Several camera issues will also get fixed. The issue where players can unintentionally cancel the Shield Potion when pressing the button multiple times will also get fixed. The game will also receive improvements in its controller features. Server crashes will also be repaired in the update. The upcoming update will also fix some issues in earning experience points in the game.