Bluehole Studio's highly successful battle royale third-person shooter game — "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" — has been breaking records in terms of the number of its players. That being said, it is expected that other developers will be hopping on the hype train and make games similar to that of "PUBG."

"PUBG" has been reported early on to have reached one million concurrent players which surpassed Valve's MOBA title "Defense of the Ancients 2" ("DotA 2"). The online shooter has smashed that previous record as the recent Steam report shows that it now has over 1.5 million concurrent players as compared to "DotA 2's" 1.2 million players.

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Part of "PUBG's" success of may have been due to its highly streamable attributes. It is also very appealing to players due to its varying genres. However, most gaming buffs agree Bluehole should veer away from lashing out at Epic ("Fortnite's developer) as it will put them in a bad light later on.

'Fortnite's' battle royale goes live

Meanwhile, "Fortnite" will be getting update 1.6.3 today as it will bring forth its own version of battle royale gameplay. The new game mode has been the subject of talk among players as of late as "PUBG's" developer blasted on Epic stating that "Fortnite" "may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known" adding that they are thinking of taking "further actions" about it.

Alongside the PvP battle royale content are some gameplay balances which include paragliding speeds, falling damages, increased distance of seeing other players, and item usage (health and shield). Additional tweaks were also made with its September 20 update that made further enhancements with storm safe zones, and falling damages.

Supply drops will also come into play and are expected to contain weapons and loot. Players can also shoot down its balloon to make fall faster. In line with this, three new weapons were added into the game – the Zapotron that is able to fire short bursts of electric blasts, the Tactical Submachine Gun, and the Scoped Assault Rifle.

For the complete roster of its patch notes, "Fortnite" fans might want to check on the game's official website.

Battle royale for mobile

A mobile game developer is said to be working on a "PUBG" inspired game intended for mobile devices. Dubbed "Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds," the upcoming mobile app is being developed by Hourus Entertainment and the company is currently looking for alpha testers. Check out a video about this game below.