Data miners discovered interesting data from the recent “Pokemon Go” update 0.73.1. Among this includes optimization and polish for the augmented reality game. There was also a new Safari Zone Event Badge found as well as a mysterious Gym icon. When compared to the previous data mine from update 0.71, it appears that this patch has no ground-breaking additions in it.

Safari Zone

Data miners of the “Pokemon GoHub recently reported a code in the game’s latest update. It reveals the text, 'Safari Zone Europe Event Badge added.' Based on the naming scheme, the badge data mined is designed for the upcoming Safari Zone events scheduled this year.

The file name of the badge is Badge_Event_Safari_Zone_Europe_2017.png. It has a 256x256 size.

Most likely, the badge will be made available during the Safari Zone events and will be released to participating players through manual check-in or QR code. Aside from the Safar Zone Badge event, data miners also found a new badge flag added in the code .BADGE_SAFARI_ZONE_EUROPE_2017.

Graphic quality modes

The augmented reality game’s 0.73.1 APK Update also contains hints of a couple of individual Graphic Quality modes. Unfortunately, the UI that matches the controls the newly found graphics have not yet been found.

The data miners, however, believe that the recent finds are a start of the game’s option in rendering LQ graphics. It is worth noting that this feature is one of the many game features that players have been requesting from the game developer for several months.


In addition to the graphic modes and badge, there was a long list of bug fixes and cache improvements found in the recent data mine.

There are also raid fixes and improvements of the game’s general caching. Data mining activity also found that the game now handles Raid Lobby and exiting a Raid in a much better way. Moreover, the details of the Raids in the game are now polled and not loaded all at once. The APK update also fixed connectivity issues.

Mysterious Gym icon

The most interesting part of the latest data mining activity is the discovery of a mysterious Gym icon. The data miners have discovered in their asset dump that there are several changes in its textures. There is now a green stadium-like background. The data miners are not yet certain about the specifics of this mysterious icon and its connection in “Pokemon Go.” However, there are speculations that it could be the 3v3 fights that players have long been waiting for.