Niantic Labs released today a new APK update for “Pokemon Go” that will really please players. Along with a slew of improvements for the popular augmented reality game is a new feature that will let players see the number of players preparing for a particular Raid.

Check Raid Group sizes

A new feature that will allow players to conserve their Raid Pass is available in “Pokemon Go” now with the release of the latest APK Update. Players will now be able to see the number of players preparing to join in a Raid before they spend a Raid Pass. This gives the players the chance to see how many players are in a Raid Group before finally committing to participate.

Players of the popular augmented reality game have been requesting for this feature several weeks now. The new feature is very helpful especially for players who are in areas where it is difficult to tell if players are just nearby or not.

Legendary Raids

Aside from this, the ability to view the number of Trainers preparing for the game is also helpful in Legendary Raids as it requires bigger groups to defeat. With the new feature, a player can instantly check into a particular Raid lobby and see if the size of the Raid Group is large enough to beat. In addition, a player can also see if a particular Raid Group has already begun a battle before spending a Raid Pass.

Last Ball Bug

Aside from the new feature, Niantic Labs also made several side server fix.

Among the fix that can now be enjoyed by the players includes the Last Ball Glitch. Now, players can use their last Premier Ball in the game to catch the Raid Boss. Players can also expect that the extra Premier Ball doled out by Niantic Labs to compensate for the glitch will soon be removed.

On August 31, Legendary Birds, Lugia, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos are scheduled to leave the game.

The game developer has not yet revealed the date for the arrival of the highly anticipated Legendary pocket monster Mewtwo. There is heavy speculation that it will be launched in the game on September 1. Mewtwo’s launch in the popular augmented reality game will mark the start of the new type of raid dubbed the Exclusive Raids.

It appears that Niantic Labs is already preparing “Pokemon Go” with the latest update for something big coming. Aside from Mewtwo’s arrival, there are codes found in data mine that reveals 135 Gen 3 pocket monsters. So, if the codes are of any significance, there are more surprises coming to the players of the popular augmented reality game.