There was another bug recently acknowledged by the developer in the Catch System of “Pokemon Go.” Niantic Labs has now recognized the existence of this bug. Players have been complaining about different kinds of bugs in the game since it was launched. While the developer recently fixed the Last Ball Glitch in the Raid Battles of the augmented reality game, it seems that the Curveball Bug is still causing frustrations among players.

New bug

Recently, Niantic Labs acknowledged that “Pokemon Go” does not always give out curveball bonuses when players are trying to capture a pocket monster.

However, ideally, a player should get a curveball bonus whenever it hits a pocket monster with a curve throw using a PokeBall. For several months, players have observed that the curveball needs to reach beyond the middle of the screen in order for the game to acknowledge it as a Curveball. This is regardless whether the ball curves or not. Other players claim that the process is not perfect and even with a perfect Curveball, there are times that the game will not register it as such.

The bug has been the cause of player frustration since it has a massive impact in capturing Legendary pocket monsters and other Raid Bosses. Every time a player hits a monster in the game with a curveball, they are rewarded with a 1.7x catch multiplier.

This multiplier can spell a lot of difference, especially when trying to capture a fiddly pocket monster like the Legendary Bird Lugia or the Legendary Beast Raikou. For instance, when a player hits Lugia using a straight throw, there is only a nine percent chance of capturing the Legendary Bird with all other catch bonuses triggered.

However, when hit with a curveball, the player’s odds increase to 15 percent.

Dev’s response

Currently, Niantic Labs is still investigating the real cause of the Curveball Bug. This means that it will take a while for the bug to be finally fixed. The sad thing is, while the developer has not yet found the root cause, players have no other mean of avoiding this particular glitch.

However, the bug should not discourage players from throwing curveballs as it makes a substantial difference in capturing a pocket monster in the game.

EX Raid Battles

Meanwhile, Niantic Labs recently announced that the Exclusive Raid Battles will be officially renamed as EX Raid Battles. This new type of invite-only raid will be introduced to the game soon. Currently, the developer will conduct a testing phase and will select several trainers to participate and give feedback. Niantic Labs assured fans that the new type of raid in “Pokemon Go” will soon be available in the game and the testing phase is necessary to further improve it.