Egg hatching on "Pokemon Go" is the easiest route to append one’s PokeDex, assuming gamers are willing to walk the extra mile. Though this method normally returns the common pocket monsters, there are rare critters that could result from it.

The chances of that happening may not be high. According to Game Rant, "Pokemon Go" players only get about 2-percent chances of hatching these hyper-rare tiers. At that rate, one can imagine how ever hatching one may carry a one-in-million chance.

What are these rare hatches?

Since the second generation update, four rarest hatches come to mind.

That would include Wobbuffet, Girafarig, Dunsparce, and Shuckle, pocket monsters that hold slim chances of appearing in one’s Pokedex.

Thanks to the Silph Road, the rarity tier has been amply categorized. That would include the super-rare (0.4-percent), rare (0.8-percent), uncommon (1.6-percent) and common (3.1-percent). Depending on a player’s chances, most have likely reached as far as the super-rare niche. So is the wait a hopeless case?

The changes are coming

Niantic placed those hyper-rare critters for a reason and the constant changes to be made for the game could be an indication of things to come. If one looks back to the original batch, most of the starter Pokemon have been removed from the egg-hatching pool.

For those who failed to notice it, critters like Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle have been replaced since the Anniversary update. They are still available but only through spawns. Depending on how long one has been playing the game, these are critters likely to be of less importance.

The third generation boosts chances

There was a time when most had to rely on spawns to get the super-rare critters.

Seeing however that there could be a third generation update, a bump in the mix of tiers could be happening soon.

Thanks to data miners, coding reveals the there are already new creatures in the game. Aside from the new generation of pocket monsters, other new features coming to "Pokemon Go" include iconic battle cries and new move sets.

Niantic has not announced anything yet about a new update. But if the codes are to be the basis, one is due at some point moving forward. Seeing how the generation 2 update rolled out last February, a fair time to expect this would be would be by the same month in 2018.

An earlier release is possible though that depends on the game developers. As most know, the game is far from perfect – meaning glitches also need to be addressed with succeeding patches. New features are welcome for as long as they do not end up ruining game play for the hooked "Pokemon Go" players out there.