"Pokemon Go" is far from perfect with Niantic still in the process of addressing them one-by-one. While most are worried about the game crashes, there is one more issue that involves the curve balls some players use to get bonuses.

According to Comicbook.com, another frustrating bug that players have to deal with is the curveball bonus. For those unfamiliar with it, this is when players try to give PokeBalls some spin when trying to catch those elusive pocket monsters.

It turns out that “Pokemon Go” players would need to do something different. To throw an effective curveball and get the bonuses, one has to make sure that the Pokeball crosses the middle of the screen for it to qualify as a curveball.

Niantic still without a resolution

The game developers over at Niantic have acknowledged that bonuses are not in effect for now. The bug has been around for quite some time now and there seems to be no fix as of this writing. Supposedly, players would get a 1.7x catch multiplier with a good curveball. Using this method also makes a big difference when catching tricky critters such as Lugia or Raikou.

With the curveball bug still unresolved, the decision to stop throwing them is up to the players. Though it doesn’t deliver the efficiency it was supposed to have, it could serve as practice for players once game developers are able to pin down the root cause of the problem. Niantic has no timetable on when the bug will be fixed.

Curveballs would have been ideal for Raids, catching rares

As most know, Niantic has released new features which would have gotten a big help from these special throws. It would have been a big help to Raid battles as well as capturing those hard-to-find Legendaries. With no help from the bonus curveballs, augmented reality players may need to stock up on PokeBalls when they march out to battle.

Aside from the PokeBalls, gamers may need to stock up the right amount of berries and fruits. These help calm down rowdy critters – hopefully, long enough for players to make the perfect throw. The chances may not be upped though it makes sure that those aims hit their target without wasting PokeBalls.

There are plenty of other bugs that Niantic needs to address for "Pokemon Go", much of which are expected in future patches.

Most are preoccupied on the raids and the Legendary Pokemon, hopefully, encounters that won’t get spoiled by game crashes and repeated throws from stocked ammo.

All players can do right now is wait for further fixes, something Niantic normally releases without notice. With lots of new critters released, most are hoping that these come soon to aid them in their daily "Pokemon Go" adventures.