"Pokémon GO" players have through today to catch the three legendary Pokémon characters from Gold and Silver: Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Starting tomorrow and until Oct. 30, these three characters will move to different parts of the world.

"Pokémon Go" players in the Americas will have their last chance to face the Electric-type Pokémon character Raikou. Standing at 6′3″ and weighing 390+ lbs., the yellow-colored, tiger-like Raikou is one of the biggest Electric-type Pokémon characters and is one of the three Legendary Beasts from the Johto Region.

Raikou, along with the two other Legendary Beasts, first showed up in "Pokémon Go" Gyms last Aug. 31. Fire-type Entei is currently roaming around the Gyms in Europe and Africa, while the Water-type Suicune is battling players in the Asia-Pacific region.

Defeating Raikou

Defeating Raikou has similarity to defeating the Legendary bird, Zapdos. However, since Raikou cannot fly, a sturdy Ground/Rock-type Pokémon character is the best option to defeat this Legendary beast.

Rhydon – the second form of Rhyhorn (Rhyperior is its final form) – is one of the best Pokémon characters one can use against Raikou. Rhydon is one of the most physically powerful among Pokémon characters. With Rhydon's strength, players can also defend their Gym while battling Raikou.

Other Ground-type Pokémon characters can withstand Raikou’s attack because of their physical strength. Ground-type characters with Earthquake attacks are probably the best combination since Raikou cannot fly.

Dragonite, a dual-type Dragon/Flying pseudo-Legendary Pokémon character and the final form of Dratini, offers one of the best defenses against Raikou.

While Dragonite doesn't have a powerful attack, it can resist lightning bolt attacks of Raikou. Pairing with Pokémon characters with destructive attacks will bring Raikou down to its knees.

'Pokémon Go' Equinox event

During the past few days, some players have noticed that when catching Pokémon characters and/or hatching eggs, they get double Stardust.

According to GameSpot, the mechanics are simple – catch Pokémon characters and hatch the eggs to earn double Stardust. This "Pokémon Go" Equinox event will run until Oct. 2.

To help hatch eggs faster, game developer Niantic placed special boxes inside the in-game shop to get the new Super Incubator. This allows hatching of Pokémon eggs 1.5 times faster than compared to a regular Incubator.

In addition, players will have the chance to triple the normal amount of XP by simply registering a new character via the Pokedex. PokeStops and Gyms will also release special 2-km eggs which could hatch into Chansey, Mareep, Larvitar, and other rare Pokémon characters.