One of the most anticipated, and heavily speculated, announcements in the gaming community is about the PlayStation 5. Sony has previously confirmed the existence of the console, however, the Japanese gaming titan has been revealing very limited information about it. Up to this time, Sony has not revealed any detail about the console or even an estimated release window.

While official information is scarce if not vague, there are other reliable people whose opinions count. These are analysts that have in one way or another, have been accurate in their predictions and analyses in the past.

One of them is Michael Pachter.

Analyst breaks down Sony’s future

Wedbush Securities high-profile gaming research analyst Michael Pachter recently appeared on the 1099 Podcast. The analyst shared several possibilities about the future of Sony and its popular series of console. The subject of the discussion is about the PS4 Pro, PS4, and the much-awaited PlayStation 5.

According to Pachter, a time will come when the PS4 Pro becomes the default PS4 model. The analyst did not specify when exactly this will happen but said it might be by 2020. Pachter reasoned that Sony is still making money from PS4 and will continue doing so if the console is still able to bring money to the company. The analyst added that the company’s extension would be making the PS4 Pro a default of PS4.

He also predicted that it could be possible that Sony would bring the price of PS4 Pro to $250 if the company can.

Release date

With the imminent release of Xbox One X, fans are now wondering when Sony will release their new console. Several months ago, Pachter predicted that the highly anticipated console is going to arrive in 2019.

Now, he is singing a different tune and is extending his previous prediction for another year. The analyst believes that the upcoming console could be the company’s true 4K device.

However, according to him, the company will not release the console until the sales momentum for the PlayStation 4 slows down. If this is the case, it appears that it will certainly take a long time before fans could get their hands on the next console iteration from the Japanese gaming titan.

Pachter noted that if the company slows down on its PS4 sales in 2019 most likely, the console could arrive in 2020.

Another reliable analyst that gives his prediction about the release date of the console is Damian Thong. He is a known analyst at Macquarie Capital Securities. Thong has an impressive record of predicting the release dates of PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. According to him, fans could most likely expect the console to arrive in the later part of 2018.

For now, these are all predictions and speculations until Sony reveals their timeline for the PlayStation 5. Fans are hoping that it will not take long before the console arrives.