Although 2017 still has a good four months left to go, the PlayStation 4 has received plenty of worthwhile console exclusives. As the list continues to grow, it seemed a good time to pick out the cream of the current crop.

Only games released exclusively on the PlayStation 4 will be considered. That means "Persona 5" is disqualified as it can be purchased for the PlayStation 3. Obviously, it is a fantastic JRPG and should be experienced by pretty much everyone.

'Horizon: Zero Dawn'

Arguably the most obvious choice out of all the games released this year, "Horizon: Zero Dawn" is simply one of the best games of all time.

Prior to its release, Guerrilla Games had a decent track record with the "Killzone" franchise, but nobody was prepared for the jump in quality seen here.

An action role-playing open world game, "Horizon: Zero Dawn" teleports players a thousand years into the future, where humans regressed to a tribal state. I do not want to spoil any of the interesting plot developments, instead will just confirm that it is delivered with style and an overabundance of emotion.

In terms of gameplay, Aloy fights with an arsenal of bows and different explosives. Players are free to decide how to approach a battle, allowing for a good amount of replayability.

'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy'

After "Uncharted 4" I honestly believed that our time in Naughty Dog's universe was up.

Thankfully, a side story in the form of "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" was released. Instead of Nathan Drake, players control Chloe Frazer from the second and third games of the franchise. She is not alone though, as Nadine Ross and Sam Drake join in on her journey.

"The Lost Legacy" is the most open of all the "Uncharted" titles, as it really expands on the open world segments introduced in the fourth entry.

It is considerably shorter than what came out before, but this freedom greatly enhances the replayability. India is also a fantastic setting.

'Gravity Rush 2'

My last pick is the sequel to "Gravity Rush" which was originally released on the PS Vita. Unsurprisingly, the sequel benefits from being developed for a home console, as everything is magnified.

The action sequences are bigger, the gravity controlling gameplay is enhanced and the story is considerably longer.

"Gravity Rush 2" might end up being forgotten in a few years time, as it did not leave as big a lasting impression as the previous two games. It is still a worthwhile and unique title worth experiencing.