"Knack 2" is officially here and playable on the PlayStation 4. Of all of Sony's exclusives, this action adventure franchise is not the one most people have been clamoring for to return. The original "Knack" suffered from a lack of ideas and little sense of progression. As a launch title, it managed to showcase the impressive power of the PlayStation 4 but, unfortunately, was not all that much fun to play.

"Knack 2" might not be a sequel we wanted, but after playing it, we are happy to have it. Is it worthy of your time and, more importantly, money?

Well, here are a few things to take into account before jumping in.


Despite its presentation and marketing, the original "Knack" is not a platformer. It is a linear beat 'em up, which occasionally asks the player to jump over an object.

"Knack 2" fixes that shortcoming, with genuine platforming segments. I would not go as far as to describe it as an old school platformer, as the action is still the main focus, but there is a better balance between the different segments.

The developers also made good use of the lead character's ability to transform, allowing for unique ways to traverse the environment. It is bigger and better than the original in every possible way.

If you are searching for an action-platformer on the PlayStation 4, "Knack 2" is as good an option as any.


The monotony of combat is further decreased by the inclusion of multiple puzzle sections. Although they do not offer all that much in the way of a challenge, it allows for a respite after a slew of large scale fights.

It might seem bizarre to point out that "Knack 2" contains puzzles and platforming as they are typically included for these type of games but the first entry into the franchise lacked these elements, so their inclusion in the sequel was not a given.

SIE Japan Studio also implemented these segments well into the story, greatly improving the game's pacing.


If there is one thing that "Knack" got right was the combat, at-least initially, as the protagonist does not really unlock any new abilities as he goes on. The sequel fixes this issue, as players are constantly given new moves and powers for experimentation.

Despite being longer than the original, clocking in around 14 hours, "Knack 2" is never really boring or over stays its welcome. There is also a new game and has a variety of unique game modes, to ensure that players came back for more.