Square Enix announced last month that its open world action role-playing video game, “Final Fantasy XV,” will have an adorable mobile version, the “Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition.” The video game company made it known that the mobile edition will come along with cute versions of FFXV’s characters as well as tweaked controls for the gameplay’s touchscreen.

The storyline of the “Pocket Edition” will resemble the game’s console version. However, the first 20-minute video of the "Pocket Edition" is now available on the internet.

The first 20-minute video of FFXV’s mobile version was uploaded by IGN.

Wherein, the video showed that the video game company did not make any false claims regarding its description of the mobile version. The video showcased a camping scene and the start of the journey of the main protagonist, Noctis. Also, the video showed the gameplay of the mobile version.

According to Twinfinite, the battles in the FFXV’s mobile version are much simpler, the console version’s complicated controls are replaced by swipes and taps. Players of the mobile edition can move Noctis by dragging the character on the screen. Warp Strikes can be launched by swiping.

The mobile version of the game will have ten episodes

Once the “Pocket Edition” launches, it will be divided into 10 episodes.

However, the game developer will roll out the first episode for free. Square Enix has yet to announce the official release date of the mobile version for Android and iOS devices.

Nintendo Switch version

Meanwhile, it appears that the “Final Fantasy XV” enthusiasts should hold their horses for the game’s Nintendo Switch version.

After teasing the Nintendo Switch version, game producer Hajime Tabata made it known at PAX West that it is not firmly established yet, according to Dual Shockers.

Tabata explained that the studio is still testing Nintendo’s gaming system to see whether the device will be able to support its action role-playing video game. Tabata revealed that the video game company attempted to utilize the Luminous Engine on Nintendo’s gaming console, which is the same engine used on the Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Nonetheless, Square Enix is still actively looking for ways to be able to launch a Nintendo Switch version of the game. In spite of that, Tabata claimed that there is certainly a chance to bring the FFXV game to the Nintendo Switch console.