Overwatch” hero Mercy has been quite popular since Blizzard patched her rework in the live servers. While she can no longer bring back a whole group of fallen allies, she still has the power to bring one dead teammate back to life. Since her Resurrect is now on a cooldown basis, many players have been more active when it comes to reviving their allies. That said, her pick rate has also risen drastically, while many players are complaining about how powerful she is. That said, here are some things Blizzard should do before they think about nerfing the Support hero.

Another healer

According to a recent Reddit post, one netizen suggested that Blizzard should release another main healer. There are only four Support characters that can heal, and many people are complaining that Mercy’s pick rate is too high. Similarly, Reinhardt was also in the same situation until Blizzard added Orisa and buffed Winston. “Overwatch” is in dire need of new Support heroes as the healers are outnumbered by DPS characters.

Buff Ana

Ana has been one of the most controversial heroes in the game. She was one of the main reasons behind the triple tank meta, but now her pick rate has plummeted. She has a hard time healing in the current meta because of all the barriers, so a few quality-of-life changes should be made.

Perhaps she can heal through barriers, or they could also increase the speed of her sleep dart. Her biotic Grenade, on the other hand, could have another passive ability that blocks Mercy from resurrecting the affected target.

Increase Zenyatta’s healing rate

Out of the four main healers, Zenyatta has the least healing output.

He compensates for this with his impressive firepower, but he can’t replace a Support hero like Mercy when it comes to healing. If ever they buff the Swiss medic, they should improve Zenyatta’s healing rate – even at the cost of reducing his damage.

Overall, the Mercy issue seems very similar to Reinhardt’s must-pick problem a few seasons back.

However, Blizzard ended up releasing another anchor tank, Orisa, which acted as a good substitute for Reinhardt. That said, “Overwatch” needs another main healer who can substitute for Mercy. She has the least damage output out of all of the heroes in the game but makes up for it with her healing beam. If anything, the next Support hero shouldn’t be that powerful, yet can provide their team with stable healing. Blizzard hasn’t revealed what they have planned for the next hero, so fans will just have to keep waiting for now.