Persona 5” has been available in the market for a few months now, and you can buy all of its DLC. While these might not impact the story in any way, it’s cool to see the cast get some wacky costume changes. Aside from the cosmetics, you can also unlock some powerful personas by buying them. These mythical beings have usually appeared in the past games and have also been the previous protagonist’s persona in their respective game. While there’s plenty of options to choose from, here are some of the best “Persona 5” DLC you can download.

‘Shin Megami Tensei IV’ Costume and BGM Special Set

If you purchase this content, you can dress the protagonist and his friends in some samurai costumes featured in “Shin Megami Tensei IV.” Those sleek blue robes and futuristic garments give the cast a whole new aura, while Morgana is “transformed” into Burroughs – the AI from the fourth “SMT” entry. Aside from the flashy costumes, “Persona 5’s” battle theme will also reflect the same BGM in “Shin Megami Tensei IV.” Interestingly enough, both games focus on Tokyo as the main setting and also tackle heavy values about humanity. If you’re a huge fan of both games, then this DLC is a must buy.

‘Persona 2’ Costume and BGM Special Set

Aside from other Atlus games, the fifth entry also pays homage to its predecessors through DLC.

In this case, the cast is given the school outfits from the Seven Sisters High School which originates from the second game in the series. It’s a cool tidbit and shows fans what the cast would be wearing if they ever enrolled in that certain high school. Like with the “SMTIV” DLC, this additional content also replaces the standard battle theme with something along the lines of “Persona 2.”Big fans of the second game can pick this up while hoping for a remake in the future.

‘Catherine’ Costume and BGM Special Set

Ending off our list, we have another costume set for another Atlus game called “Catherine.” Unlike the aforementioned content, this game isn’t an RPG and plays out more like a platformer instead. If you decide to pick this up, the “Persona 5” heroes are given clothes that reflect their counterparts from the said game.

There are some really cool correlations between the characters like how Ann Takamaki is Catherine while Makoto Niijima is Katherine. Like also previously mentioned, the battle music has been changed as well. If you’re a hardcore “Catherine” fan, this DLC is the perfect reference to the game.